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Skillion Patios

Blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living with a skillion patio.

Skillion patios visually connect the house to the outdoors, so if you have a beautiful garden or outlook, consider this type of patio.  Homes that have had an extension added will benefit from a skillion patio as it makes the addition appear a lot bigger than it actually is by opening up the visual space and providing physical flow between the indoor  and outdoor space. The simple addition of a skillion roof provides sun and rain protection if positioned correctly, enabling the amount of useable living room space in the summer months to double.  Inside, your skillion patio will provide a sense of spaciousness while on the outside, you will enjoy the sense of your home being at one with the land.

Skillion patios are the perfect choice of timber patios for Perth homes with a pavilion style, for mid-century builds and modern/contemporary homes.  They provide excellent drainage and allow more light into interior spaces.

Why we love the Skillion Patio?

Skillion patios inject contemporary houses with the character of the mid-century to create homes that are perfectly suited to the Australian environment and our famous indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

If you are looking for your outdoor space to feel generous, the skillion patio could be the perfect choice of patio designs for your home in Perth. The skillion patio is a contemporary response to capture sunlight, provide inbound ventilation and frame views of the sky and surrounding landscapes.  The steep pitch allows water to run off easily.  The steeper pitch also lends itself to a more modern design.  

Considerations for the Skillion Patio

Given that the skillion patio allows sunlight to stream in, if you are facing West, chat with our team about your options for this style.  We handle the entire shire approval process for you.

Flat Roof Patios

Stunning outdoor entertaining areas can be created at affordable prices using a Flat Roof Patio.  If you prefer the look of a more modern aesthetic but are not willing to fully embrace the idea of a flat roof for your entire home,  adding a Flat Roof Patio will allow you to embrace modernism.

 Flat Roof Patios work on most homes.  They are perfect for modern, box contemporary homes.  They are equally suitable for period homes and homes which have been built with higher courses (higher ceiling heights).  If you are conscious about having the smallest visual environmental footprint, a Flat Roof Patio may be the way to go.  Similarly, if your patio will be placed where there is an abundance of natural light, a Flat Roof Patio will provide some protection from the natural elements.

Why we love the Flat Roof Patio?

The Flat Roof Patio is often the most cost effective way to build.  You can enhance the patio with timber cladding or cedar lining and down lights for a luxurious finish.  Flat Roof Patios come into their own when facing West.  They can also be configured to go anywhere around the home.

The Flat Roof Patio can be utilised as a Flat Roof Verandah or a Flat Roof Carport.

Considerations for the Flat Roof Patio

Do you have a pitched roof or a roof with many angles?  The addition of a Flat Roof Patio can add visual interest to your home and add much needed balance to the aesthetic.

How much area will be under the Flat Roof Patio?  Long Flat Roof Patios may make the roofline feel low and confined unless they are built higher.  The solution?  Raise it above the fascia line to increase the height of your Flat Roof Patio.

Do you want it free standing or attached to the home?  Either way is an option. Explore the many options with a freestanding Flat Roof Patio in your yard , creating a private retreat, entertainment area, or landscaping focal point. If you want added shade but prefer partial sun to shine through, a an open timber pergola may be the ideal solution.

Which way is West facing?  Flat Roof Patios offer good protection from the sun.  It's easy to add cafe' blinds down the track due to the simple structure.  You can also consider a combination of a Gable Patio with a Flat Roof Structure for added interest and height.

Consult our team for the perfect Flat Roof Patio or Pergola solution for your home.