By Design – Gable Roof Patio for Perth Homes

Gable Patios

Alfrescos are the go-to spaces for dining and entertaining in summer, providing all the luxuries of indoor living in an outdoor setting.

A gable patio for Perth Homes is considered to be one of the more classic styles and has been used for hundreds of years.  Imagine an inverted "V" which adds height and a sense of space to your outdoor entertainment area.

Gable patios are simple in design making them easier to build and more cost effective than complex designs.

Air flows easily through the gable patio keeping your entertaining area cooler in the hot summer months. This roofline provides thermal regulation, negating the need for outside fans in summer.

A major consideration for gable patios is the amount of wind your patio will be subjected to. High wind areas need to be carefully considered for gable patios because strong wind has the ability to create an uplift so your patio needs to be built to specifications to avoid any damage.  All our patios are fully engineered to comply with local building codes.

Contact our team for your gable patio solution and allow us to handle the entire shire approval process on your behalf.