By Design – Hip-End Patios Experts in Perth

Hip Roof Pergola, Patio and Carports

Hipped Patios or Hip-End Patios offer better weather protection in both summer and winter.  You can step out from your home under a Hip Roof Pergola and be immediately protected from the elements.  Suitable for most roof lines, this style would be classed as Traditional. 

If you have a large area you wish to use as an outdoor patio, the hipped patio could be your solution.  These patios can span beyond 10 metres and can be built up to 4 metres in height so they offer great versatility to your outdoor area.  Roof pitches encompass 15, 20, 25 and 30 degree angles.  These pitches extend the liveable areas of your home whilst maintaining an open view to all the unique sights and sounds your property has to offer.

If you have a poolside area which requires protection from the elements, consider a detached Hip End Patio.  Hip Roof Pergolas, Patios and Carports are perfect for areas subjected to windy conditions.

Hip Roof Carports are the perfect solution for that free standing carport.  These are used extensively in suburbs where sub-divisions occur or where there is a need for a double carport.  And remember, we handle the entire Shire Approval Process for you making the whole project easy for you.