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Jarrah Decking

Nothing can beat the warm and earthy hues of Jarrah Decking.  In fact nothing echoes the Western Australian landscape  better than Jarrah timber.  Beautiful Jarrah decking projects are made from this premium hardwood.

Found only in the South Western part of Western Australia, this timber is prized for its natural properties and include a high resistance to weather, rot, termites and even marine borers, making it valuable for a range of outdoor uses. Its density also makes it fire resistant so if you are surrounded by bushland, Jarrah Decking is a natural choice. 

Being a hardwood makes Jarrah Decking an obvious choice for high traffic areas and it is perfect as pool decking for stylish Perth homes.

The heartwood varies in colour from rich reds to browns.  Re-growth  is pinkish to red.  The sapwood ranges from a pale yellow to orange.  The texture is course and generally straight grained (due to the trees reaching heights of 30 metres to 40 metres).  Some interlocked grain may feature adding visual interest.

Jarrah Decking, when coupled with clever design can transform a beautiful outdoor space into a spectacular one.  It's no secret that decking provides a softer finish on both the eye and foot, offering a rustic warmth and simple elegance to any space.

The floor space taken up by your decking will minimise the use of lawn and reduce ongoing costs associated with water to maintain it.  Over time the garden will grow around the deck, giving it a more lush, private feel.

Jarrah decking is a sustainable timber choice and one which is guaranteed to add value to your outdoor space.

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