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Pine Decking

For those on a budget, treated Pine Decking is the perfect solution.  Not only is it the most cost effective option but you also have consistency that runs through each piece of the timber.   If you like the look of the more expensive hardwood options but do not have the budget, a treated pine deck can be easily stained to any tone or colour.

Treated pine decking provides flexibility for design and can economically overcome difficult site situations.  It is versatile and can be used above ground, under the ground, and in direct contact with fresh or salt water making it perfect for a variety of landscapes.

Pine Decking is often used for large areas due to its cost effectiveness.  Sometimes incorporating existing plants and trees into a design can be a lot easier than removing them. With large trees, decking can be placed at their base, allowing for the tree to continue growing while providing shade for the new area below.  Consider raising a portion of the deck  under a tall tree.  Not only will this provide a focal point in the garden but it will also add a shaded space for your family to relax and hang out.  Stamp your personality with soft furnishings such as cushions and beanbags.

Treated Pine Decking is a softwood which is porous.  It is pressure treated to enhance its resistance against termites, decay, and fungi. This is done by saturating the timber or drying it completely before staining it.

A word of warning:  There are certain health-risks associated with treated pine, if it has been treated with chemicals containing arsenic. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you buy arsenic-free treated Pine for the safety of your family.  We only use arsenic-free treated Pine for your protection.

As treated Pine Decking is a softwood, the wood is subject to denting when compared with hardwoods.

Outside of these considerations, Pine Decking is limited by your imagination.

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