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Spotted Gum Decking

Timber decking in gardens has the power to divide huge outdoor spaces into smaller sections using geometric lines that enhance the visual appeal and usability of outdoor spaces.

Another premium hardwood for your decking project is Spotted Gum.  This is a timber that can tolerate harsh conditions.  In fact, think of an axe handle which is subject to high-impact forces - it's probably made from Spotted Gum.  It's one of the hardest timbers in the world.  This timber is grown on the East Coast of Australia.

The ability of this hardwood to take harsh conditions lends itself to heavy engineering construction, piles, poles, shipbuilding, agricultural machinery, flooring,  decking and plywood.  This is a deck built to last!

A Spotted Gum Deck will be resistant to indentation so if you have heavy outdoor furniture, this timber will easily bear the weight of your tables and chairs.

Your Spotted Gum Deck will have a lower tannin content than most other eucalyptus and is less likely to cause problematic tannin stains than most other Australian hardwoods.  It can be stained and responds well to wood stains that make it water-resistant and gives it UV protection.  This deck will  need maintenance over time, so be prepared to stain and seal the timber every 12 to 24 months.

The texture is moderately coarse.  The word "spotted" refers to the soft mottled colour caused by weathering of the outer tree as it sheds strips of bark in patches, giving the trees their characteristic spotted appearance.  This translates to the decking planks.

A range of colours is available from spotted gum timbers, depending on the location the forest.  Typically, the heartwood ranges from a light-brown through to definite browns to deep red-brown hues.  Sapwood is white to light-brown in colour.

Spotted Gum is a sustainable timber choice.  You may also know it as Lemon-scented gum.

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